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verix wrote in fuckphp
Oh hi there and welcome to FUCK PHP.

Here are some rules I think would be a Good Thing for you to follow:
  1. Don't be a dick. You are only allowed to be a dick if someone is being stupid.
  2. Don't be stupid.
  3. Formulate your rants coherently and make them entertaining!
  4. Please keep the defense of PHP at a minimum. There are some cool parts of PHP, and some parts of PHP don't deserve the hatred they get. But this is far and few between. Defend responsibly.
  5. I swear to god if you use this community as a launching point for your brand-spanking-new shiny CMS that has all these fancy bells and whistles I will fucking end you.

That should be about it I think! Be careful of Internet trolls and other un-savvy Internet personalities! They just might be here.

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