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fuckphp's Journal

Poorly Hacked Perl
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For haters of PHP, of all shapes and sizes: welcome to your venting haven.
PHP is one of the most popular languages used on the web today! But did you also know that PHP:
  • Is the worst Perl-hack of all time?
  • Kills thousands every day due to the stress it causes?
  • Is so poorly programmed it's considered responsible for holding back the adoption of Apache 2?

If you didn't, know that these bullet-points are the objective truth. If you did-- or if you are horrified at the terror that PHP has wrought on the world-- then buster do I have a community for you.

Welcome to FUCK PHP. There is no clever recursive acronym here! No sir, the title of this community embodies the all-caps hatred of slamming one's fists down on the desk and screaming in agony as they have to deal with yet another moron who decides that eval()ing all their strings was a great design idea. If you've ever had to deal with the flip-flop nature of argument organization in PHP, if you've ever had to cry yourself to sleep at night because you've been stung by strange evaluation situations or if you've ever had to deal with variables mysteriously recast as certain types, then brother this community is for you.

Rant and rave! Scream your head off! Post terrible code that exemplifies our hatred of the Internet Disease that is PHP! That is what we are all about.

This is where the rules are.
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